The Batemans Boys


Now I was down in London town when I fancied me an ale.

So I sauntered to a tavern to see what was for sale.

The landlord plied me with his best, twas a headless watery mess.

I says 'you want to go to Lincoln if you think like your drinking, coz there you’ll  find the best' mate!





Give me a Batemans  )

I want a Batemans  ) first verse only

Mines a Batemans  )


If it's a good 'n' it's a good 'n'

If it's bad we think we'll pass

But there's nothing like a pint of tripple XB in your glass.

So wang it down your neck mate, and holler out with joy.

And that’s all that you need to do to be a Batemans boy.


George Bateman gave up his farm in 1874

And took up brewing beer, its the one that we adore

He gave it all to Harry, now Harry bought the mill

Who passed it on to his son George, the family’s brewing still.



The Aussies they have Fosters, the Irish have their stout

But for us lads from the fens “well we can do wi’ out”

Our tipples in a windmill, in Wainfleet up by Skeg.

On a Friday night we’re on our knees and finishing a keg.




Now some folk like to fantasize of girls and fancy cars

But you know you can find better things by hanging round in bars

Come October feast time, there's one thing that's divine.

In my right hand there's a Batemans  in my left I’ve got stuffed chine

(not a good combination for the next morning mate)




Combined harvest

Summer Swallow

Rosey Nosey

Hop bine beer

Salem porter

Tripple XB

It’s a good and honest beer

It’s Hooker and miss whiplash they're the ones that we enjoy........

If you've tried them all you're surely......  Truly a Batemans boy....


Slurp... Aaaah      I’ve ‘ad Woss

The Bateman’s Boys Brommell, Pout and Glenn

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