Sitting on the bridge writing songs

Waiting for a tune to come along

Greatest county in our nation

Is all I need for inspiration


Friday nights we’d have a ball

Take our guitars down from the wall

Playing to faces we all new

Stumbling home in the morning dew




We’re on our way to America

We’re going to play in America

This is our day…..

In the USA

We’re in America..



Autumn wind then came a call

Early morning flew long hall

Pouring our songs out line by line

35th and 79


Astoria, broadway, open mics

Sun shone bright on Jackson Heights

Played Manhatten, played the fen

New York London , home again


Bridge and chorus


In the city we made our stand

The Christmas market, drill hall band

Jingles on the radio

We were reaching beyond the bridge


Chorus Bridge and Chorus


It’s a long, long way from Billinghay to America

Beyond the bridge Brommell, Pout and Glenn

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