Its 3 degrees, spitting rain and my collar’s getting tight

I’ve been half an hour on a 3 foot lead and my owners not in sight

Well I see my mum join the end of the queue, you’d think I’d get all sprightly

But half an hour in a Co-op queue and you know you’ve got of lightly


Here comes someone I don’t like. I know she don’t like me

She sits upon her scooter, for her mobility.

Oh you can’t hear her coming as she’s giving it full power

The gin’s on sale, She’s over my tail at seven miles an hour


Give me a treat, drop it at my feet, bring me something that I’d like

Coz it ain’t much fun for a little dog when I’m wrapped around a bike

Yapping, tugging pulling panting, waiting patiently

You’ll see me outside Co-op stores across the whole county


It’s getting dark, there’s a lot of noise, As the Hoodies start to hoard

Misunderstood, all well and good, they say they are ignored

Cigarettes,  turn them away, coz they don’t look twenty one

They’re smoking joints forget the double points

If only I could run


Crying outside the co-op sitting in a pool of tears

Coz the range of pet food’s not that great and the rest is full of beer

With puppy eyes its no surprise you always will admire

Between you and me, I’d rather be

Sat down beside a fire.


So finally the doors they slide, my tail it starts to wag

It’s a face I know, its time to go,  and she’s carrying a bag

Is it sausage,  is it chops, a tub of co-op lard

(No) it’s a book of stamps, 20 Malborough Lights   and a lottery scratch card   (DOH!)


So off we go back to my home, oh If a little dog could grin

Cause I left a package by the co-op door, That a hoodie might just tread in.

So next time you see me sitting there outside a co-op door

Please bend down, pat me on head and shake me by the paw


Crying outside the Co-op Brommell, Pout and Glenn

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