Living in the Lincoln fens as happy as can be

Townsfolk tend to ridicule

We do things differently.

When looking for a likely wife

Well they’re very scarce you see

That’s why we try to keep these things in the family


We're inbred

We're inbred

We're inbred and proud you see

We're inbred

Oh we're inbred

Life is tough for a Billinger ruff

When you’re inbred and proud


In or fenland village  we have a swimming pool

Its where the fenland folk do go, in summer to keep cool.

We won cups in every gala, opposition we did trance.

With pointy heads and our webbed feet, they didn’t stand a chance


In the fens there is no place for genealogy

Coz every bodies ancestors they’re  all the same you see.

It makes an easy Project to draw your family tree

Just ask your mate if you can borrow his, and make a quick

copy  !


Our Brother George gets good reports

At school he is quite able

Some struggle with their adding up

He's doing his 12 x table

Teacher said “But you’re a thicko George

You’re one of those who lingers”

He said, “that’s before I realised

I had these extra fingers”


Now there was a girl that I once loved

She was not the one for me

Coz she came from another village, and that’s no good you see

Stick with your own kind mate, me father said to me.

And he should know, he married his Cousin

That’s why we’re all inbred.


Now from all the names they call us

Its fairly plain to see

That turnip, fennie, yellow belly, swampy

They don’t bother me

That’s coz you don’t realise we are quite posh you see,

As we follow the tradition of the royal family.


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