It was along time ago, in ten hundred or so

An architect sat down and planned

And for one hundred years of blood sweat and tears

Our cathedral was built on this land

Every stone as been cut by the mason’s steady hand

And laid with the greatest of pride

And there in the mass stand the windows of glass

Between the lead they are placed side by side




You can hear the echoes trip through the halls

Shadows like talons that run from the walls

There’s no mistaking time passes my friend

Our Cathedral will last to the end


By the end of it all stood a structure so tall

With pulpits and pipes there inlaid

For a thousand odd years through the famine and fears

Lincolns folk have knelt down here and prayed

Through wars of religion great fires and desiese

Through hardship summer and fall

‘Neath the shadows of stone generations did breathe

And an imp sat there watching it all



In the black of the night like a star shining bright

No matter where in the county I roam

To be seen by all through the mist of the morn

Just one look and I know I am home

It was a matter of time before Hollywood called

With a story of codes and a ploy

But the imp never flinched he was four hundred years old

While D’Vinci he still was a boy


And now as I sit by this mountain of stone

I know she bears witness to who’s come and gone

Through it all long after my days

Lincoln’s pride

Lincoln’s pride

Lincoln’s pride and joys stays



Lincolns Pride Brommell, Pout and Broughton

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